NaNoWriMo 2016

With NaNo just a few weeks away, I decided to start thinking about what new thing I wanted to tackle.  I like 50,000 words as a target for the month, but most of the projects I’ve planned don’t fit that goal.  My current plan for The Fifth Norai will take it only to 10,000, and a project still in the planning stages called Unanimous 20 will be just 20,000.

So let’s add another!

As I continue with the revisions for Holder of Ash, I’ll let November be dedicated to an in-world novella following the character Fuaennashe Kojt during the climax in Holder of Ash.  We don’t see much of her while once main characters kick it into Hero gear, but she does offer an interesting little side story nonetheless.

It’s a horrible name for a book, but I’ll call it Fuaennashe for now, and I expect I’ll have a few things to write about the process once November begins.

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